Are the Terrifier movies on Netflix? Where is Terrifier 2 streaming?

Art the Clown is plotting his sinister return in Terrifier 2, coming soon to a screen near you. Those who watched the 2016 slasher film have been expectantly waiting for the sequel for over five years now, and it’s finally almost here.

I watched Terrifier for the first time on Netflix back in 2016, but unfortunately, the movie is no longer available to stream on the platform, and the sequel won’t be either.

For those who need a quick refresher, Terrifier follows the murderous clown Art, who appears on Halloween night to kill, maim, and torture his victims. Director, writer, and producer  Damien Leone created Art the Clown, and he first appeared in a few short films before making his debut in the anthology feature film All Hallows’ Eve.

From there, Art got his own movie with Terrifier. Now he’s returning in Terrifier 2, which is almost three hours of bloody Halloween night mayhem.

Are the Terrifier movies on Netflix?

The first Terrifier was on Netflix a while ago, but it isn’t anymore. You can watch it for free on platforms like Tubi, Vudu, and the Roku Channel. The film is also available to rent/purchase from digital retailers and on physical media.

Where to watch Terrifier 2

Terrifier 2 is releasing theatrically on October 6. Bloody Disgusting nabbed the exclusive distribution rights to the movie, so it will run in cinemas before streaming on Screambox, which is managed by the Bloody Disgusting team. The release date on Screambox has not been announced yet.

Did you like the first Terrifier movie? Will you watch the sequel when it releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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