Are Partner Track stars Arden Cho and Dominic Sherwood dating in real life?

There’s no denying that the chemistry between Ingrid Yun, played by Arden Cho, and Jeff Murphy, played by Dominic Sherwood, is like a fire you can’t douse.

These Partner Track ex-lovers make the yearning for one another’s affection look like a full-time job, and though Ingrid’s relationship with Nick (Rob Heaps) is incredibly wholesome, you know a part of you can’t help but want Ingrid with Jeff instead.

Only the most talented actors can achieve on-screen chemistry of this level. With acting this extraordinary, some fans wonder if there’s some romance going on behind the scenes.

Are these Partner Track co-stars dating? Or are they just that good at their job? We tell you everything to know about the actor’s relationship status below.

Are Arden Cho and Dominic Sherwood dating?

It looks like we’ll have to blame it on the acting! Arden Cho and Dominic Sherwood are not an item, but they are close friends!

Arden’s Instagram has plenty of adorable posts featuring herself and Dominic. One of our favorites includes the photo of Dominic hilariously sitting on Arden’s lap on the sidewalks of Manhattan. (See the post here.)

“Just a couple of actors trying to stay warm 😂 @domsherwood always keeping it fun on set! #PartnerTrack #Netflix #setlife,” Arden wrote in the caption.

Some of our other faves include the snap of Arden and Dominic carving pumpkins with the rest of their Partner Track co-stars, and the picture of them hanging out with the cast in New York City.

There is plenty of content featuring Arden and Dominic spending time together—just not in the way you think.

Who is Arden Cho dating?

It is unclear if Arden Cho is in a relationship right now.

The 37-year-old celebrity hasn’t come forward with any relationship announcements (such as an anniversary or engagement), leading us to believe she’s either not in a relationship or very private about her love life. However, some media outlets, such as Idol Persona, report that Arden is allegedly in a relationship with Korean-American rapper Samuel Juno Park (or Junoflo).

The media outlets cite Arden’s Instagram posts where Arden and Junoflo are shown hanging out. Unfortunately, we cannot be too sure of the nature of the relationship, as Arden and Junoflo have collaborated on musical projects in the past.

Perhaps Arden and Junoflo are friends the same way she and Dominic are friends.

Who is Dominic Sherwood dating?

Dominic Sherwood is head-over-heels for his girlfriend, Decker Sadowski.

J-14 reports that Dominic and Decker began dating not too long after Dominic and Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland called it quits, meaning Dominic and his boo got together sometime in 2021. And ever since then, Dominic and Decker have been attached to the hip. (They even adopted an adorable bunny together!) So, it’s safe to say that Dominic is off the market.

Arden Cho and Dominic Sherwood may only have a platonic relationship, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch their characters, Ingrid and Jeff, get hot and heavy!

Partner Track is streaming right now only on Netflix.

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