Are any of the Hostel movies on Netflix? (Where to watch)

Halloween season is in full swing, and nothing is scarier to us than horror movies loosely based on real-life events. If you’re looking to get your spook on, the Hostel movies franchise will definitely have you up late at night reconsidering your next travel trip. But are they even available on Netflix? Find out where you can watch all the movies below!

What is the Hostel movie franchise about?

The first gore-packed horror movie – directed by Eli Roth – told the story of a trio of backpackers who found themselves in a dangerous situation when they come across a mysterious organization that kidnaps and tortures tourists. The inspiration behind these movies is unsettlingly real, it taps into the real fears travelers experience while traveling in a foreign land, and depicts what could very well be the worst scenario.

How many Hostel movies are there?

Currently, there are three feature-length movies released in the franchise. The movies in the Hostel series include Hostel (2005), Hostel: Part II (2007), and Hostel: Part III (2011).

The first two movies, directed by Roth, were released theatrically, whilst the third in the lineup, directed by Scott Spiegel, was released direct-to-video.

Are any of the Hostel movies on Netflix?

Unfortunately, none of the Hostel movies are available to watch on Netflix U.S.

Where to watch the Hostel movies

Just because you can’t watch the movies on Netflix, doesn’t mean you have to miss out! We’ve searched the web and found where exactly you can catch parts 1, 2, and 3, without having to go on the hunt yourself.

  • Hostel (2005) – with a subscription, you can watch the first movie on Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Fubo Tv, Starz, and Hulu. Alternatively, if you wanted to own the movie, you can also purchase it through Amazon or the iTunes store.
  • Hostel: Part II (2007) – with a subscription, you can watch the gruesome sequel on FuboTV, Starz, and Hulu. Similarly to the first movie, you can purchase it on Amazon or the iTunes store.
  • Hostel: Part III (2011) –  it doesn’t look like you can stream the third movie anywhere for free with a subscription, but if you wanted to own it, you can purchase it through Amazon or the iTunes store, too.

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