Angelina from Manifest: All the times the character has cheated death

If there’s one character who we love to hate, it’s definitely the one and only Angelina Meyer. And that couldn’t be more true in Manifest season 4 part 1. Actress Holly Taylor is so sweet and so good at playing the deranged woman.

We’re first introduced to the seemingly sweet character in the season 3 premiere. Her parents are very religious and have a certain way of thinking. We can see where Angelina gets it from. Michaela and Zeke find her in Costa Rica after a Calling leads the Stone sister to Angelina. Why oh why did the Callings do that?

There’s even more that unfolds in Manifest season 4 part 1. When you look back, there’s actually many times where the character has cheated death. No offense, but this girl has got to go. But the universe still wants her around to cause trouble for some reason!

Every time Angelina from Manifest cheated death

Manifest season 3

  • Season 3, episode 1: Angelina’s parents take her to Costa Rica after she returns from Flight 828. When she experiences Callings, her mother and father think she’s possessed and lock her up in their basement. Michaela is led to her while on her honeymoon with Zeke. When they find her, Angelina is about to slit her wrists with a knife but Michaela saves her.
  • Season 3, episode 6: When Ben goes to Tarik’s house because he believes Grace, Cal, and Eden are in danger, Angelina is with him. The family reunites, but Jace starts shooting at the Stones. Angelina is in the car at this time and could have easily been killed.
  • Season 3, episode 13 (finale): When Angelina believes Eden is her guardian angel, she goes back to the Stone’s home, stabs Grace, and kidnaps Eden. She sets fire to the house to prove Eden would save her. Once again, she makes it out without any harm. And there’s even more close calls in season 4. Read on below!

Warning: Spoilers for Manifest season 4 part 1 below!

Manifest season 4

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer, Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer in Manifest Season 04. Heidi Armbruster as Noelle Meyer, Heidi Armbruster as Noelle Meyer in Manifest Season 04 Cr. Netflix © 2022

Manifest season 4

  • Season 4, episode 5: In a flashback after Angelina kidnaps Eden, she was going to throw herself and the baby off a bridge. She is stopped when Eden calls out for for her mom. Thinking she’s “choosing” her, this is proof enough for Angelina that Eden is her guardian angel once again.
  • Season 4, episode 5: In the same episode in the present, Angelina somehow survives the explosion at Adrian’s boarding house where she and Eden are hiding. Another crazy passenger, Erika, created bombs around the property and told Angelina about them. Why in the world would she do that? Of course, Angelina takes advantage, and uses a detonator when Ben takes Eden. Though she was in the house when it goes off, she somehow gets out. And unfortunately, as she’s lying in the road, Adrian finds Angelina and helps her.
  •  Season 4, episode 8: Angelina’s mom holds her prisoner again and chloroforms her. She wants Angelina to watch Adrian die, thinking she’s cleansing the world of those who led her daughter astray. If Angelina hadn’t managed to escape, Noelle very well may have killed her. She’s clearly as unstable as her daughter.
  • Season 4, episode 10: This girl has really proven that she can’t die. At her old school, the window shatters and stones fall on top of her when she uses the Omega Sapphire to get Ben away from her. And yet somehow, she’s still going strong. Which leads to the next near-death experience.
  • Season 4, episode 10 (part 1 finale): If your hand falls into hot, burning lava, you’d think it would burn right? Well, Angelina’s hand did. But that somehow allowed her to “absorb” the last remaining part of the Omega Sapphire into her skin, causing the fiery havoc in the final shot before it cuts to black.

I am so nervous for what comes next! How many more near-death experiences will this unstable gal face in part 2? How will it all end? So many things to look forward to in the final batch of Manifest season 4 episodes!

Manifest season 4 part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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