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Partner Track is finally streaming on Netflix and we cannot get enough of this show’s excellent soundtrack. There is tons of music featured in the series, most of it from lesser-known artists but some from popular musicians. All of it’s great and the show will introduce newcomers to bands and singers they might never have heard of previously!

From CHVRCHES and Vancouver Sleep Clinic to Millie Turner and The Sugar Sisters, Partner Track provides a range of genres and tunes to facilitate the drama and emotions you’ll feel while watching all 10 episodes of the gripping legal drama.

Instead of stressing over hitting Shazam in time to catch each tune, we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you by providing a soundtrack guide for every episode. Below you can check out the list and start adding songs to your playlist!

Partner Track soundtrack: All songs featured by episode

Find all the songs featured in the series below.

Partner Track episode 1 songs

  • “Again” by CATT
  • “All the Troubled Hearts” by Hiatus Feat. Daudi Matsiko
  • “Give It to Me” by Animal Island
  • “Your Lover” by Peter Dallas Feat. Avamoore
  • “Still Young” by Odyssette Feat. Rén with the Mane
  • “Lucky Me” by The Knocks Feat. Great Good Fine Ok
  • “Who’s Your Love” by Orang Utan
  • “Eye of the Storm” by Millie Turner
  • “Red Lips” by Cassandra Jenkins

Partner Track episode 2 songs

  • “Good Good Day” by Anna Graceman and Ryan Corn
  • Song played during Murphy/Ingrid organizing boxes  ??
  • “Someone To Stay” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  • “Nobody but You” by FROIDZ

Partner Track episode 3 songs

  • “Good Vibe” by HIGHTOPS
  • “Do What I Do” by Lady Bri
  • “Alone” by Avi Michael
  • “Warning Call” by CHVRCHES

Partner Track episode 4 songs

  • “Do It” by Baila Curry
  • “So Sorry” by Olivier Babeau
  • “Yeah We Do It Like” by Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
  • “Collapse” by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Partner Track episode 5 songs

  • “Real Thing” by La Felix feat. Becca Krueger
  • “Get Down” by Pillowfight
  • “(breathe) Underwater” by Millie Turner
  • “Around Here” by Matt Holubowski
  • “Wrong Timing” by Black Lilys

Partner Track episode 6 songs

  • “Give It All Up” by Rén With The Mane
  • “Make It Better” by Francesca Blanchard
  • “Jump” by Astrid S

Partner Track episode 7 songs

  • “All Up to You” by Shay Lia
  • Bradley Gibson (Tyler) sings cover of “Stay” by Rihanna
  • “Waiting for You” by Karl Karlsson and Krissie Karlsson
  • “Nighttime Hunger” by Overcoats

Partner Track episode 8 songs

  • “Ride This Train” by Millie Turner
  • “Magazines” by Reyna
  • “Good Luck Kid” by Scott Ballew
  • “Ride or Die” by Milk & Bone and Alex Lustig
  • “Old Feeling, Old Foe” by Kacey Johansing
  • “Hush” by The Marías

Partner Track episode 9 songs

  • “For Someone” by Flora Cash
  • “Red Lips” by Cassandra Jenkins
  • “Deck the Halls” by Steve Sidwell
  • “Young at Heart” by Cavendish Music
  • “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Gaby Moreno
  • “O Christmas Tree” by The Sugar Sisters

Partner Track episode 10 songs

  • “Jingle Bells” by The Sugar Sisters
  • “Life As It Comes” by Geoffroy
  • “One More Time” by James Gruntz
  • “Mosaic” by Tiflis Transit
  • “Good Things” by Maple Glider
  • “6’s to 9’s” by Big Wilds feat. Rationale

Which songs featured in Partner Track are your favorite? Stream the show right now on Netflix.

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