All of Us are Dead season 2 is not coming to Netflix in November 2022

All of Us are Dead season 2 may have already been confirmed to be on its way, but if you were hoping to catch the newest season on Netflix this new month you’ll be disappointed to learn that the Korean zombie drama is not coming to Netflix in November 2022!

The coming of age high school apocalyptic drama, based on the Never webtoon Now at Our School (Jigeum Woori Hakkyoneun) by Joo Dong-Geun, was an instant hit among Netflix viewers when it debuted in late January 2022, and it’s unsurprising that viewers who devoured the gory series are hungry for the next set of episodes. But is there an official release date? How long do we still have to wait until All of Us are Dead season 2 is released on Netflix? Find out this and more.

We have the latest update on the K-zombie drama, below.

All of Us are Dead season 2 latest updated (November 2022)

Following its release in January, Netflix announced that All of Us Are Dead debuted in the top 10 “most-watched non-English TV series in 91 countries and remained there for two weeks.” So, it’s unsurprising that the zombie horror series was renewed for a second season in June.

Unfortunately, for the moment, the second most successful Korean-produced show, after the highly popular show, Squid Game, does not have an official release date … yet.

There’s not much prior information surrounding the filming schedule of season 1, so predicting an accurate release date for All of Us are Dead season 2 is proving to be quite difficult. According to What’s-on-Netflix, All of Us Are Dead entered pre-production for season 2 on July 13th, 2022, though filming dates have not been revealed.

Assuming that filming has already begun, or is scheduled to begin fairly soon, we expect the zombie series to return for season 2 on Netflix sometime in 2023, or at the latest 2024.

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