Alice in Borderland season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September 2022

Fans have been patiently waiting on the return of Alice in Borderland on Netflix. We’re going on two years since the first season was released, and people are wondering when Alice in Borderland season 2 will finally drop. Unfortunately, you won’t see the highly anticipated second season make its way to Netflix this September. This might be bad news but look on the bright side. Alice in Borderland season 2 is confirmed to be coming out later this year!

Alice in Borderland is easily one of the best Japanese Netflix original series on the platform. It premiered in December 2020 and people instantly tuned in. It was reported that 18 million households watched the first season in its first four weeks of release. Due to the high viewership numbers, among other factors, Netflix renewed the sci-fi series for a second season only two weeks after the first season had been released.

Production on season 2 started sometime in July 2021 and officially wrapped in March 2022. On March 29, Netflix released a video of the season 2 cast, discussing how they felt about wrapping up filming on the second season. This was confirmation that production had finished.

Now with production out of the way, where is Alice in Borderland season 2? Sadly, we don’t have an official release date to share yet, but we have the release month.

When could Alice in Borderland season 2 arrive on Netflix?

At Netflix’s virtual Japan Festival in November 2021, the streamer announced that Alice in Borderland season 2 would be coming to Netflix in December 2022. But Netflix did not provide the exact day in December. Since then, there have been no updates on the release date.

Now that we’re approaching December, we’re expecting Netflix to announce the official release date soon. We’ve already seen the streamer unveil its spooky season lineup and announce release dates for some of its biggest series coming in the fall. So it’s only a matter of time before Netflix reveals the release dates for its last batch of shows slated to come at the end of the year. And of course, Alice in Borderland season 2 will be one of those shows.

We’re holding hope that the sci-fi series is given an early to mid-December release. Since the first season came out on Dec. 10, 2020, there’s a chance the second season will come out on Dec. 10, 2022. We’ll just have to wait and see what Netflix decides.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for the Alice in Borderland season 2 official release date!

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