After Ever Happy is not coming to Netflix in September 2022

Today is the day. After Ever Happy is now in theaters in the U.S. and fans of the romantic drama movie series have already bought their tickets to see the fourth installment. But what about the people who would rather stream the film on Netflix? Well, unfortunately, After Ever Happy was not released simultaneously in theaters and through the streaming platform. It’ll most likely be a while before Netflix subscribers get to see the fourth film on the streamer.

If you’re a Netflix Lifer and have watched each After film on Netflix, you’d know that the streamer doesn’t receive the movies until months after they’re released in theaters. And to make matters worse, there isn’t a set release schedule for this film series on Netflix. Once the films are released in theaters, we’ve seen them come to Netflix after two months, three and a half months, or six months.

So what does this mean for the After Ever Happy Netflix release date? Sadly, the streamer has not announced the release date yet, but we have an idea of when the romantic drama could come to Netflix.

When could After Ever Happy arrive on Netflix?

After the third film was released in theaters on Sept. 30, 2021, it took three and a half months for Netflix to receive it. If the fourth film follows the same release pattern, we would be looking at a late December 2022 release. However, we’re probably looking at about four months, which would put the release sometime in January 2023.

If After Ever Happy follows the Netflix release pattern of the first film, we would be looking at a wait of six months before it lands on Netflix. This would put the release date even later in March 2023. Lastly, there’s a chance the fourth film could follow the second film’s release schedule, and we would only be waiting for two months before it arrives on Netflix. We would be looking at a release in November 2022. However, even though we would like to see After Ever Happy in November, it just doesn’t seem likely. We’re most likely looking at a release in early January 2023.

We’ll definitely share the Netflix release date for After Ever Happy once the streamer announces it. So, make sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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