6 romantic Christmas movies Virgin River fans will love

Virgin River is one of the most popular romantic shows streaming on Netflix, and even though the fourth season just came out this past summer, fans are incredibly excited to see what’s going to happen in season 5. While we still have a long wait for any new episodes, there are a lot of charming, romantic Christmas movies out there that will appeal to people who love Virgin River.

Not all the movies on the list below are available on Netflix, but all of them share common themes (and even some actors) with the hit show. Did you know Preacher and Mel’s actors Alexandra Breckenridge and Charles Lawrence starred in Lifetime Christmas movies? What a perfect way to complement your next Virgin River rewatch!

Whether you want a movie about someone moving to a small town like Mel or even something set in the same state as Virgin River (California), the following list contains several heartwarming romantic Christmas movies perfect for Virgin River fans.

Romantic Christmas movies Virgin River fans will love

Christmas Inheritance (2017)

Eliza Taylor, Jake Lacey, and Andie MacDowell star in this 2017 Canadian Netflix movie about Ellen Langford (Taylor), a spoiled young heiress sent to a small town in New York City by her father to test her ability to succeed with limited resources and see if she’s ready to take over the family business. While there, a massive snowstorm hits and leaves Ellen stranded until it all blows over. Being stranded in the town gives her a chance to consider the true meaning of Christmas.

Streaming on Netflix.

Christmas Around the Corner (2018)

If you are a fan of Virgin River, then watching Christmas Around the Corner is a must because it stars Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel in the Netflix series. Breckenridge’s character in this film is a sophisticated New York venture capitalist named Claire, who travels to a charming small town in Vermont for a holiday getaway.

While there, she becomes a guest at the local bookstore in dire need of revitalization. In her efforts to help, Claire clashes with owner Andrew (Jamie Spilchuk), who rejects all her ideas to improve business. Come New Year, Andrew plans to sell the bookstore, but can Claire convince him otherwise?

Unfortunately, Christmas Around the Corner isn’t on Netflix. You can purchase it for just $4.99 on Amazon, and it might also be available to watch with a Lifetime Movie Club subscription if you have one.

A California Christmas (2020)

Since Virgin River is set in Northern California, what better way to enjoy a similar spirit than a Christmas movie called A California Christmas starring real-life married couple Josh and Lauren Swickard? Josh plays a wealthy playboy type who poses as a farmhand to try and convince Callie to sell her family’s land.

There is also a sequel available on Netflix called A California Christmas: City Lights, where the main couple must return to the city for business, and it threatens to derail their relationship.

Streaming on Netflix.

Dancing Through the Snow (2021)

Virgin River star Colin Lawrence, who plays Preacher, starred in Dancing Through the Snow, a 2021 Lifetime movie also featuring 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord.

Lawrence plays single dad Michael, who has an adorable daughter named Lily (Bianca Lawrence). When a video of Lily and Michael practicing Lily’s ballet goes viral, Michael quickly becomes one of the town’s most eligible bachelors. But even though plenty of women are vying for Michael’s attention, he only has eyes for Lily’s ballet teacher Olivia (McCord).

Streaming on Hulu.

A Godwink Christmas: Meant For Love (2019)

Anyone with a crush on Brady in Virgin River needs to add this movie to their lists since Ben Hollingsworth is the male lead. This sweet Hallmark movie also stars Cindy Busby and Kathie Lee Gifford! A Christmas wedding (and maybe fate) bring together Jack (Hollingsworth) and Kate (Busby), two strangers from very different backgrounds who might take a chance on love.

This movie is not currently streaming on Netflix. You can buy it from digital retailers like Amazon, YouTube, Apple TV, and Google Play for $7.99.

What are your favorite romantic Christmas movies? Do you plan on revisiting the Virgin River this holiday season?

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