4 Elite characters who definitely won’t be back in season 7

Elite season 6 is now streaming on Netflix, and most people have already sped through the entire sixth season. Now they’re looking for any information on the upcoming seventh season. Unfortunately, a release date has not been announced yet, and the complete cast list hasn’t been revealed. However, we do know that production started in November 2022, and we also have an idea of who will not be returning in Elite season 7.

Ahead of the sixth season premiere, Netflix announced that Elite season 7 was officially happening. Six new cast members for the seventh season were announced as well. Mirela Balic
Gleb Abrosimov, Fernando Líndez, Alejandro Albarracín, Iván Mendes, and Maribel Verdú have joined the cast for Elite season 7. Additionally, Nadia Al Saidi will reprise her role as Sonia in the upcoming season.

However, there are some beloved characters who will most likely not return in the seventh season. Who are they? Find out below!

Spoilers ahead from Elite season 6. 

Is Cruz in Elite season 7?

Sadly, Cruz (Carloto Cotta) will not return in the seventh season. He was killed in a hate crime after he opened up publicly that he was gay at a press conference in season 6. In episode 4, he’s badly beaten up by a group of homophobic men. Moments later, we see Patrick, Ari, and Mencía attending his funeral. Unfortunately, there’s no way for him to come back.

Is Patrick in Elite season 7?

It looks like Patrick (Manu Ríos) has also made his exit after season 6. Before Iván gets hit by a car, he and Patrick are on bad terms. Iván blames Patrick for Cruz’s death even though he wishes he didn’t. He even tells Patrick that he never wants to be with him again. After some convincing from Ari, Patrick decides to testify on their dad’s behalf so he can get out of prison. Then, he leaves Madrid with his dad for a fresh start.

Is Mencía in Elite season 7?

Mencía (Martina Cariddi) is another character that we will most likely not see in season 7. At Venetian Carnival night at Isadora’s playhouse, Raúl slips drugs in Mencía’s drink. Once Mencía realizes that Ari might’ve gone home, she decides to take Patrick’s keys and drive his car home. She’s under the influence, so definitely a bad idea. At first, we’re led to believe that she’s the one who hit Iván, but we find out later that it was Sara. However, Mencía doesn’t know this because Sara set her up.

Mencía tells Ari what happened, and Ari helps her torch the car so there’s no evidence. She also tells Mencía not to mention what happened to Patrick. Later, Ari convinces Mencía to testify on their dad’s behalf so he can get out of prison and take her away from Madrid.

Is Ari in Elite season 7?

Ari (Carla Díaz) definitely won’t be back for season 7. Like her siblings, Ari joins them in court to prove Benjamín’s innocence in Samuel’s death. Ari believes there’s nothing left for her and her siblings in Madrid, so she comes up with the idea of getting their dad out of prison and moving to another place for a fresh start. The last we see of the Commerford siblings is them driving away from Madrid with their dad to a new place.

All six seasons of Elite are available to stream on Netflix.

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