39 best Netflix shows to watch (and 19 shows you should skip)

Partner Track

Partner Track. (L to R) Nolan Gerard Funk as Dan Fallon, Dominic Sherwood as Jeff Murphy, Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun in episode 109 of Partner Track. Cr. Vanessa Clifton/Netflix © 2022

Best Netflix shows to watch

To help you find what to watch on Netflix, we picked the best Netflix shows to watch and skip right now. We’ve been updating the list of shows to watch and skip all year long, and now that we’re in the middle of the year, there are so many new Netflix shows to talk about.

Despite production challenges from the pandemic, it’s been an incredible past couple of years for Netflix shows. So many good Netflix shows have been released in 2022, and there’s still even more on the way through the end of the year.

Last year was a great year for new and returning Netflix shows, and the winning streak has continued with the list of 2022’s best shows growing and getting better and better by the week. Lucky for you, we have a bunch of good Netflix shows to watch right now. And to save you the hassle, we also recommend a few shows you should probably avoid.

If you’re looking for what to watch on Netflix, this is the list for you.

Month after month, we’re met with an overwhelming amount of Netflix original series, new releases and even more recommendations on what to watch. But which Netflix shows should you definitely add to your watch list and which could you live to skip? We have your back.

Let’s get the list started with one of the newest shows on Netflix, Partner Track!

Netflix shows: Partner Track

Seasons: 1

Developed By: Georgia Lee

Starring: Arden Cho, Alexandra Turshen, Bradley Gibson, Dominic Sherwood, Rob Heaps, Nolan Gerard Funk, Matthew Rauch, Roby Attal

If you’re looking for some easy viewing and a new guilty pleasure to add to your watch list, Partner Track will fill that void. The new Netflix legal drama follows in the footsteps of fellow comfort watches like Emily in Paris, Younger, and The Bold Type.

Based on the novel The Partner Track by Helen Wan, the series stars Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun, a young mergers and acquisitions lawyer working her way up the ladder at her major New York City firm. Along the way to her goal of becoming partner, Ingrid runs into a number professional and personal speed bumps — including those that combine the two.

Partner Track was released on Netflix on Aug. 26, 2022 and earned mixed 62% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but fans quickly fell head over heels for all of Ingrid’s legal drama and relationship drama. Who doesn’t love a good love triangle that complicates things in the boardroom?

Whether Ingrid’s journey continues in Partner Track season 2 or not, the Netflix series is still worth the watch. It’s addictive and full of characters you’ll either love to love or love to hate. As far as we’re concerned, Partner Track isn’t a Netflix show you should skip.


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