3 Stranger Things characters who definitely won’t be back in season 5

Now that Stranger Things season 4 has finished its run on Netflix, all attention has been placed on the upcoming fifth and final season. We’re all wondering when the cast and crew will start filming, who will be in the cast, and when it will come out. Sadly, we don’t have a specific production date, a release date, or an official cast list. However, we do have an idea of who will most likely not return for Stranger Things season 5.

We knew another season of Stranger Things would be happening after the fourth season since the science fiction series is Netflix’s most popular show. However, we weren’t expecting the upcoming season to be the last. In February 2022, ahead of the season 4 premiere, Netflix renewed the hit Netflix original for a fifth and final season.

Since then, so much information about Stranger Things season 5 has come out. Seriously, the Duffer Brothers have been very forthcoming about the fifth season. As of Nov. 22, writing on the fifth season is still in progress, production is rumored to start sometime in 2023, and a mid-2024 release has been predicted. Of course, you can count on us to keep you posted on all things Stranger Things. So, we’ll definitely let you know when more juicy details about the fifth season are revealed.

Now, which talented actors won’t be reprising their roles in Stranger Things season 5? Here’s what we know.

Is Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 5?

We would all love for Joseph Quinn to return as Eddie Munson, including Quinn himself, in the fifth season, but it’s just not happening. If you recall, the fan-favorite character died after sacrificing himself to help the others in the season 4 finale. He was attacked by a swarm of demobats in the Upside Down. Although he managed to kill some of the bats, they eventually overpowered him and started biting at his flesh, ultimately killing him.

Radio Times interviewed Quinn after the release of the final two episodes of season 4, and Quinn spoke about how he would like for Eddie to return if the Duffer Brothers were to allow it. He said. “Me and Joe Keery (Steve Harrington) were discussing ways in which I could kind of…maybe I’d be like a figment of Gaten’s imagination or something, like if there could be some kind of room for something like that, something a bit supernatural.” But then Quinn goes on to say that the Duffer Brothers seem to be done with the Eddie character.

And it looks like he was right because the Duffer Brothers pretty much shut down any possibility of Eddie coming back in season 5 in an interview with Josh Horowitz.

Is Jason Carver in Stranger Things season 5?

Jason Carver (Mason Dye) is another character who will definitely not return in Stranger Things season 5. But honestly, do we really care that much? He was one of the antagonists in the fourth season and wouldn’t leave our beloved Eddie alone. He dies in the season 4 finale as well. After a fistfight with Lucas in the attic of the Creel house, Jason gets knocked out and lies on the floor unconscious. Moments later, a curse gate opens on the attic floor and rips through Jason’s body, killing him instantly.

Even if there were a way to bring Jason back, there wouldn’t be a need. He spent most of the fourth season hunting Eddie, so with Eddie dead, what will be his purpose in the fifth season?

Is Dr. Brenner (Papa) in Stranger Things season 5?

Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) will not be in the fifth season. It appears that Dr. Brenner couldn’t cheat death a second time. Remember, Dr. Brenner was presumed dead after a Demogorgon attacked him in season 1. But in season 2, Eleven learns that he survived the attack. However, his whereabouts were unknown until the fourth season.

After Eleven regains her powers and is ready to leave the secret facility to head back to Hawkins to help her friends, Dr. Brenner doesn’t allow her to leave. Shortly after, the US Military arrives and storms the facility. As Dr. Brenner and Eleven attempt to flee, Dr. Brenner becomes fatally wounded by several gunshots, but Eleven manages to escape.

The Duffer Brothers confirmed that Dr. Brenner “definitively” died this time in the same interview with Josh Horowitz mentioned earlier.

All four seasons of Stranger Things are streaming on Netflix.

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