10 fun facts about Look Both Ways star Danny Ramirez

The latest romantic comedy to hit Netflix, Look Both Ways starring Danny Ramirez, is an endearing story that shows the parallel reality of the same life. It is a unique twist that draws the viewer in to see which life story will play out the best.

Besides Ramirez, the movie stars Lili Reinhart,  Luke Wilson, Andrea Savage, Aisha Dee, David Corenswet and Nia Long. Look Both Ways was directed by  Wanuri Kahiu and written by April Prosser for Netflix.

Freshly graduated from college, Natalie (Reinhart) takes a pregnancy test, and the story splits into two realities. One where the test is positive, and she moves back home, and the other where the test is negative and she moves to Los Angeles to live out her dream career.

The guy she hooks up with is her longtime friend Gabe (Ramirez), and below, we look at some fun facts about the actor.

Where is Danny Ramirez from?

Although Ramirez was raised in Miami and considers that his hometown, he was born in the Windy City (Chicago).

What is Danny Ramirez’s ethnicity?

His mother is Mexican, and his father is Colombian.

What did Danny Ramirez want to be when he was growing up?

He told The Face that he dreamed of playing sports for a living when he was younger. He wasn’t large enough for football, so he began playing soccer, where he sustained injuries that would see his dream come to an end.

Where did Danny Ramirez go to school?

He attended Miami Coral Park Senior High School in Miami-Dade County, Florida. He studied at Tisch School of the Arts. The first monologue he ever memorized was for his Tisch audition.

What makes Danny Ramirez sweat?

Spicy food makes him sweat! In an interview with Square Mile, Ramirez shares that even the thought of spicy food makes his face sweat. He does enjoy eating it but questions if he could have an allergy to it.

What movies and TV shows has Danny Ramirez been in?

His first ever role was in Showtime’s The Affair, and he would go on to star in NBC’s Blindspot. He has also starred in Orange is the New Black, The Gifted, Assassination Nation, On My Block, Tone-Deaf, No Exit and Valley Girl.

He joined the MCU in the role of Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. He recently starred in Top Gun: Maverick as Lt. Mickey ‘Fanboy’ Garcia. He will also join The Walking Dead universe as he stars in an episode of the new spinoff Tales of the Walking Dead. 

Danny Ramirez is an avid reader

If you follow Ramirez on Instagram, he often recommends the books he has read and feels are worthy of sharing with the world.

He was awarded a Stonestreet Granite Award

In 2018 Ramirez was presented with the third annual Stonestreet Granite Award. This award was previously bestowed on Miles Teller and Rachel Brosnahan. The award is granted to an actor, director, producer, screenwriter or hyphenate from Stonestreet Studios’ independent film studio who develops content while still training.

Danny Ramirez has directed a short

According to his IMDB, Ramirez has directed a short titled Gucci Guilty: Recuerdo. 

Danny Ramirez is starring in a film with Natalia Dyer

Ramirez has been cast in Chestnut with Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer and Rachel Keller (Legion).

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